ceramic artist

eva follender grossfeld

'At this moment I'm making a lot of bowl forms, because it has this carrying principle'


Eva Maria Follender Grossfeld, 1976, born in Arnhem, based in Naarden-Vesting.


At this moment Eva's main material is stoneware ceramic. She uses (selfmade) molds and the potterswheel to create the shapes.


Eva has been working as an artist for 15 years. She first started making paintings and collages, the last 5 years she focuses on ceramics.

Eva (1976, The Netherlands) transitioned from painting to ceramics in the past five years. Her artistic focus primarily centers around crafting wall objects and sculptures, and her work is a testament to her intuitive approach, characterized by a keen sense of color and a tendency to create round forms.
The choice of round shapes is not arbitrary; it reflects her deep connection to concepts of softness, femininity, and healing. She realizes that these shapes symbolize her longing from humans to become ‘whole’ again. Referring to a society that she perceives as being overburdened. 

She believes that numerous shapes and ideas are available, but you must be present to receive and bring them to life. That’s why Eva always takes the time to sit in complete silence, intuitively receiving the shapes she must manifest. 

Eva’s work is also now on display at Gallery Naerden. Her most recent exhibition was our group show at OBJECT Rotterdam 2024.

Alter house collection


People often wish the best for others. However, this benevolent desire is sometimes hindered by the presence of jealousy, envy, or arrogance. Aspiring to have wishes for someone can sometimes act as a reflective mirror. In such moments, there is work to be done. Work on your own beliefs. Quiet reflection, tearing away, and transforming.

Eva believes. Eva believes in the power of the connection to each other. To feel the strength of the connection to each other, you must feel yourself. It comes from within, unclouded by expectations, impositions, or triggers. Being aware of the motives guiding your interactions, you can shape your own reality.

The Alter house collection represents her belief in a great, loving force. The series stems from her experience that everything is interconnected. It signifies caring for one another, which manifests in more rounded forms. Composing separate objects that together form a unified whole symbolizes the connection to each other in harmony. Because being in harmony together, healed, is the true strength.