ceramic artist

georgie frankel

'I think my biggest motivation in my work is to show you things that are always around you, mostly on a scientific level'


Georgie Frankel, (she/her), born in Kampen, 1996, based in Utrecht, NL.


Currently Georgie is focussing on ceramics. Her objects are handcrafted and unique. Glazed in bright colors.


Georgie graduated in 2022 (HKU, Product Design) and now has her own studio at “The Nijverheid” where she makes her work, with which she exhibits in various places.

Georgie’s (1996, The Netherlands) work is a visual translation of scientific topics. A significant part of her creations arises from her fascination with science. She enjoys combining these two worlds and showing you this magical scientific realm through a visual translation that can be understood and enjoyed by everyone.

She has showcased her work at Glue Amsterdam, where she enlarged her original object 12 times in collaboration with Van Plestik. Georgie was also featured as a New Talent at OBJECT Rotterdam this year and exhibited her work at Dutch Design Week ‘22.

Her most recent exhibition was our groupshow at OBJECT Rotterdam 2024.


The project “Imperceptible” is about the beauty of the most everyday things, seen through a microscope. Even though we have them around every day, we don’t realize it, because we can’t see them with our naked eye. These shapes from your everyday life are now blown up and trapped in ceramics. Think of the butter on your bread or your coffee in the morning. The most obvious things contain all kinds of hidden beauties on a microscopic level, which deserve some extra attention. Together, they form the building blocks of our existence and the world around us. These shapes are magnified hundreds to thousands of times, so that we as humans can see this shape that is normally hidden in, for example, a toothbrush, with the naked eye: who actually dominates who?

Alter house collection


Georgie created a new collection called “routines.” Each sculpture is built up from different elements seen through a microscope. Together these shapes form my daily habits. In the most daily things are hidden the most beautiful shapes on a microscopic level. The building blocks from our life are now enlarged and transformed into a sculpture that represents the daily routines.