visual artist

helena hoogenraad

'I use my work to express things that I find difficult to capture with words'


Helena Hoogenraad (she/her), Born in Maastricht (1992), currently living in Amsterdam


Helena is a figurative visual artist, mostly working with oilpaint on canvas or panel. For work on paper she uses water based paints, pencils and pastels.


Graduated from AKI/ArtEZ in 2015 in Fine Art Painting, and has since exhibited her work in the Netherlands and Germany. Helena has been supported by the HeArtfund stipend in 2015-2016 and in 2019 and was awarded the Hart Nibbrig studio by the Dooyewaard foundation in Blaricum.

As a visual artist, Helena (1992, The Netherlands) describes herself as being a figurative maximalist who often employs oil paint on canvas or panel for her larger works. For her creations on paper, she prefers water-based paints, pencils, and pastels. Her creative process typically begins with the compilation of collages, assembling images and exploring their connections to the subjects, ultimately leading to her distinctive paintings. Her art serves as a powerful means for her to express thoughts and emotions that are difficult to put into words. Furthermore, her work delves deeply into her personal experiences in the world, consistently exploring themes such as feminism, mental health, and the essence of being a person living in this time.

Helena also received the HeArtfund stipend (2015-2016) from Heartpool, which included a solo show and publication. In 2019, Helena worked in Blaricum for a year, made possible by the Hart Nibbrig Studio Award of the Dooyewaard Stichting. 

Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as Galerie Ron Mandos, Go Mulan Gallery and Nieuw Dakota, as well as in museums like Rijksmuseum Twenthe. Her most recent exhibtion was the groupshow 'It's Not Me, It's You' at Nieuw Dakota.


Helena draws inspiration from old paintings where women were often portrayed as muses. She reimagined these subjects to explore themes of ownership and originality. She also incorporated the concept of using copies of copies of paintings in her work. From artists like Velasquez, Picasso, Ingres, and Manet, she selected elements that resonated with her, reappropriating them in a way that felt personally meaningful. The muses are a reflection of her journey in breathing new life into classic art, inviting viewers to see these timeless works through her reinterpretation.

Alter house collection


For her Alter house collection, she zoomed in on the concept of seduction and sensuality. She constructed new scenes from old paintings and reimagined the classical muses, through the lens of a contemporary female artist.