Collage artist

juna horstmans

‘Every time I look at something, I tend to see it from a different perspective than the majority of people do’


Juna Horstmans (she/her), is a 27 year old artist and graphic designer that was born in Sydney, Australia. She currently resides in Hackney, East London.


Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing seasons, flora and the simple pleasures of everyday objects, Juna employs her compositional sensibilities to craft a rich body of tactile collage work. When she encounters captivating colours or shapes in her surroundings, Juna habitually captures these moments on her phone and brings them back to her workspace where she directly translates this inspiration into her artwork. Using paper, scissors, and glue, she traces, cuts, and assembles derivatives of the source image. The outcome is a multi-layered process that requires first the folding and positioning of rough shapes, and then slowly building out an intricate composition with miniscule scraps of coloured paper stuck down meticulously.


Born and raised in New South Wales, Australia, Juna began her artistic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from UNSW's COFA (College of Fine Arts). Through her discovery of screen printing as a favoured medium, she then continued on to work for several screen printing/design businesses in and around Australia. In 2018, Juna moved to the Netherlands and pursued a Bachelor's in graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Since then, she has established herself as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, collaborating with diverse brands and organisations, showcasing her creative versatility.

Juna Horstmans (1996, Australia) is an Australian/Dutch artist and graphic designer currently based in East London. Drawing inspiration from the changing seasons, flora and the simple joy of everyday objects, she brings her compositional sensibilities to a fruitful body of tactile collaged work. Through her layered process of manipulating paper fragments, Juna aims to construct a visual dialogue between precision and imagination, pattern and reality.

Her art can be found at Murmur and Pintai in Amsterdam, where Juna collaborates as one of their featured artists. She also designed the book cover for Ajda Pratika, a publication by the Robida collective, and collaborated with The Dyás to create their Window Shopping clothing line. Her most recent work is her self created artist book 'Snack Bar Fontaine’.

Alter house collection


Juna has always been intrigued by the domestic sphere, finding a peculiar, profound charm in the small, often mundane routines that shape her day-to-day life. From stirring coffee in the early morning to slicing fruit for an afternoon snack, she enjoys the subtle ways ceremony and simplicity bring comfort and meaning to her existence. It’s within these unassuming moments that she discovered the poetry of the everyday, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the familiar is imbued with a quiet magic. The domestic sphere, for her, is not merely a physical space; it’s a canvas of intimate gestures, a theatre of emotions, and a realm where the most genuine aspects of human life unfold. 

It’s this fascination that spurred Juna to create Inside, a body of work that celebrates the routines that breathe life into our homes and the moments that often pass unnoticed. This series of tactile collages are, in themselves, a reflection of the precision and care that goes into the acts they portray. Through the meticulous layering of paper in varying textures and colours, she aims to kindle a profound sense of nostalgia and authenticity, emotions intrinsically linked to the experiences of home and the domestic realm. Inside stands as a testament to the subtleties and tenderness that shape our lives within our intimate sanctuaries, offering a unique and deeply resonant