textile artist

marta moreno martinez

'I believe we miss at first sight many things in nature around us which are very small, and very important'


Marta Moreno Martinez (she/her), 1982, born in Úbeda (Jaén) Spain, based in Spain and Mexico.


Punch Needle embroidery technique with different types of wool, one of them woven by the Royal Tapestry Factory of Spain, hemp thread, rattan on a handmade fabric base created by mexican woven thread.


Art director that wanted to step into the world of art and expression through embroidery, providing volume and texture to her paintings, maximizing shapes and life that are little perceptible to humans.

Marta is originally from Andalucia (1982, Spain); however, she currently resides in Mexico City and is the founder of Moremore studio. The embroidery techniques, including punch needle and traditional methods Marta uses, depict microscopic elements like blood cells, marine organisms, and flowers, blending the figurative with the abstract. Her attention to detail is evident in every form, intricate design she creates. Marta first encountered this craft in her childhood through her mother. During the pandemic, she turned to it for solace and self-expression, and it eventually became a significant part of her life, encompassing both embroidery and punch needle. In her creative process, she transforms paintings into tangible, textural, and three-dimensional pieces using threads, yarn, or any material that can be incorporated into the needle tool. Color plays a central role in her art, serving as a medium to convey emotions and sensations. Marta is drawn to vibrant hues and their dynamic combinations, immersing viewers in her artistic universe.

In one of Marta’s most recent projects, Moisés Nieto involved her in creating limited-edition objects for the Museo del Prado. She also just had a residency and a solo exhibition at Proyecto T, a space dedicated to creation and exhibitions, as part of the Proyecto H Gallery in Mexico. Marta has exciting upcoming ventures, such as her participation in a new project for Venice Biennale 2024 and a Solo Show at Mexico’s Museo Franz Mayer in 2025.

Alter house collection


In her collection for Alter house, Marta allows us to observe life through a microscope, cells that play with reality and imagination. She wants to convey her thoughts on all the wars happening at this moment, regardless of religion, stolen and invaded territories. If we look through this microscope, we are all the same; we have the same cells, the same blood. And often, we are unaware of that. It is necessary to look at the small things that make us up, which form a greater whole, and a machine so perfect and capable of committing as many atrocities as wonderful things.

This collection is also about the magnification of a fragment of the symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga or bacteria, which, through mutual support, successfully face the challenges of life. Lichens can be found in deserts, forests that have suffered a fire, polar regions. With this microscope, Marta wants to bring something so small that is part of our daily lives on streets, trees, walls, into closer visual focus, giving importance to this element that teaches us the power of symbiosis and what that word contributes to people’s lives in society.