our main purpose

As we became increasingly immersed in the world of art, our curiosity grew. This curiosity, fuelled by the lessons brought to us by the world we currently live in, led us to look deeper, to investigate what lies beneath, and to seek something that initially seemed invisible. It encouraged us to let go of judgement, fear, and belief, so that we were able to approach things with an open mind, and truly feel what these things conveyed to us before drawing conclusions.

We are Charlotte & Marjolein. Our strength lies in understanding the new generation of collectors like ourselves. We observe, even amongst people within the creative industry, that it's sometimes challenging to enter the world of art. Perhaps it is a case of not fitting in with the common crowd, not yet possessing the necessary knowledge, or not understanding the industry jargon.

So in order to make the world of art more accessible, and bring art into our surroundings, we feel we need to bridge this gap.

how we bring it to life

We believe that the new art collector stands for openness. Open to change, open to knowledge, open to one other. That’s why we are committed to building a house that is inviting and accessible.

Alter house is a digital space where we connect the new art collectors with our carefully selected portfolio of emerging artists from around the world. In our gallery we provide the space for talented artists to be seen, letting you discover their work, learn about their backgrounds, and purchase their art in a language you understand.

To bring the art world closer to you, Alter house wants to let the art breathe beyond museums, by infusing it into our lives, and into our house. This of course includes sharing the full story of our artists, their art, and the art world. Revealing authenticity through intimacy, as it were. Alongside representing their artwork we will provide artists with a podium to tell their stories, techniques, and knowledge. This allows our collectors to gain a deeper insight and appreciation of the core essence of the artists, in all their uniqueness.

Besides our digital presence, we come to life through our Alter house Residences in collaboration with our inspiring friends. Together, we create a free interpretation of a house, the result of two creative energies - not always adhering to the most conventional, domestic settings. This house serves as a venue for talks and exhibitions, offering a welcoming space for the new art collectors.

what you'll find

Welcome to our house, Alter house. An alternative house, where art finds its home. Alter house releases new collections of our carefully chosen emerging artists exclusively in our house, one by one. These collections consist of carefully curated, handmade one-of-a kind objects and handmade printed limited editions.

At Alter house we believe you don’t just inhabit a house, you create one. You do this by collecting objects, sometimes even piece by piece. Objects that move you and raise questions, that inspire you to look, until you see. This way you are learning indirectly from the artist and their urgency to create, an urgency rooted in self-expression, attention and knowledge.